Sim Racing League Manager (SRLM) is used by sim racing admins to publish schedules, results, and standings.

Ready to Manage Your League!
SRLM was created in 2012 as the community website for ASRX. The system can now be used as your league website or you can embed results, standings, and news in your existing website (example). Plans start at $50 for 6 months for up to 10 simultaneous series. Please email us with any questions.

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Management Features
  • Upload rFactor1, rFactor2, ASRX, or NR2003 result files
  • New drivers are added automatically and can use multiple aliases
  • Scoring supports teams, chase formats, provisionals, and custom point assignments
  • Assign drivers responsibility for causing cautions as well as penalties and bonuses
  • Driver rating system based on green flag laps completed and cautions caused
  • NASCAR 2017 points system supported
Website Integration Features
  • Embed calendars, results, standings, driver pages and more on your league website
  • Publish league news via RSS
  • Let SRLM determine what to show (results, schedule, news, etc.) based on the current date and your race schedule

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