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SCSR Saturdays Fixed Series Winter 2021
SCSR Saturdays Fixed Series Winter 2021 California 01/30/2021 7:30 pm Results
13 lead changes between 10 drivers    10 cautions for 51 laps      35%  1x / 1x
FinishDriverBehindStartLedBest LapLapsPit StopsPenaltiesCautionsStatusPoints
1Artur Vieira2:05:5821637.546 (17)107700Finished Normally44
2Don Kelligrew-0.41472337.408 (88)107600Finished Normally40
3Tom McKeever-0.69613137.412 (88)107600Finished Normally40
4Ted Moser-0.77912037.654 (53)107500Finished Normally37
5Sean Jacobs-0.8973037.425 (88)107700Finished Normally36
6Jim Barisoff-1.0429437.572 (88)107600Finished Normally36
7Claudio Bardelli Jr -1.13618037.573 (53)107701Finished Normally34
8Lorin Stoppleworth-1.2316137.731 (16)107600Finished Normally34
9John Stanley-1.3498037.759 (88)107700Finished Normally32
10Jim Stravato-2.02911737.595 (53)107701Finished Normally32
11Flavio Araujo -5.45817038.272 (88)1071000Finished Normally30
12Gilmar Peixoto -37.53114038.125 (32)107610Finished Normally29
13Stewart Forgie-7 laps5237.604 (70)100702DNF - DNF29
14Jair Oliveira-13 laps41837.565 (88)94703DNF - DNF28
15Reese Canaday-15 laps13037.591 (53)921000DNF - DNF26
16Michael Ryan-45 laps16137.720 (53)62521DNF - Suspension26
17Paulo Tchachalowski-52 laps10337.544 (53)55201DNF - Suspension25
18Danilo Coelho -94 laps15038.130 (4)13201DNF - DNF23
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Standings Series Standings
8Danilo Coelho off wall in turn 3
25Paulo Tchachalowskioff wall in turn 2
45Stewart Forgieapron in turn 2
55Jim Stravatomakes contact with Paulo in turn 3
63Michael Ryanapron in turn 2
74Stewart Forgiemakes contact with Claudio in turn 2
81Jair Oliveiramakes contact with Stewart on front stretch
89Jair Oliveiraapron in turn 2
95Jair Oliveiramakes contact with Lorin exiting turn 2
101Claudio Bardelli Jr makes contact with Jim S. on back stretch

0Gilmar Peixoto Stop/Go penalty
9Michael RyanLongest Line penalty
27Michael RyanLongest Line penalty