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SCSR Saturdays Fixed Series Winter 2021
SCSR Saturdays Fixed Series Winter 2021 Las Vegas 02/06/2021 7:30 pm Results
24 lead changes between 10 drivers    6 cautions for 30 laps      35%  1x / 1x
FinishDriverBehindStartLedBest LapLapsPit StopsPenaltiesCautionsStatusPoints
1Sean Jacobs1:40:4711827.863 (135)137700Finished Normally44
2Claudio Bardelli Jr -0.4158227.838 (135)137600Finished Normally40
3Tom McKeever-0.90634827.932 (110)137700Finished Normally40
4Felipe Granado-1.304162827.699 (111)137610Finished Normally38
5John Stanley-1.63512027.857 (121)137710Finished Normally36
6Jim Barisoff-1.94710127.897 (110)137710Finished Normally36
7Tony Reiner-2.856171427.736 (111)137500Finished Normally35
8Jim Willis-3.2299428.145 (96)137611Finished Normally34
9Lorin Stoppleworth-3.6057027.873 (120)137700Finished Normally32
10Jim Stravato-3.9085027.825 (122)137810Finished Normally31
11Don Kelligrew-4.129142727.633 (135)137710Finished Normally31
12Ted Moser-5.15513127.630 (135)137630Finished Normally30
13Stewart Forgie-5.3856027.683 (135)137521Finished Normally28
14Michael Ryan-5.5322027.790 (121)137711Finished Normally27
15Phillip Stocks-24 laps1427.903 (111)113920DNF - DNF27
16Reese Canaday-85 laps15028.597 (6)52210DNF - DNF25
17Jair Oliveira-109 laps4027.988 (26)28200DNF - DNF24
18Racing Incident-136 laps1800.000 (0)1003Finished Normally23
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Standings Series Standings
57Michael RyanDriver Error - Catches the apron in turn 2 and spins - single car incident
80Racing IncidentDriver Error - 2X goes 3-wide exiting turn 2, pinches 3 to apron, 3 gets loose and moves up track making contact with 2X and spins - 2 car incident
89Racing IncidentDriver Error - 2X and the 53 make contact, backstretch - 2 car incident
103Jim WillisDriver Error - makes contact with the back of the 35 middle turn 2 - 2 car incident
113Racing IncidentDriver Error - 3 and 71 make contact exiting turn 2- 2 car incident
128Stewart ForgieDriver Error - Gets loose exiting turn 2, moves across track making contact with the 20 - 2 car incident

46John StanleyDrive Thru penalty
47Ted MoserDrive Thru penalty
51Reese CanadayDrive Thru penalty
82Felipe GranadoLongest Line penalty
84Ted MoserLongest Line penalty
89Phillip StocksLongest Line penalty
89Phillip StocksLongest Line penalty
91Ted MoserLongest Line penalty
102Stewart ForgieDrive Thru penalty
105Jim WillisLongest Line penalty
106Stewart ForgieLongest Line penalty
114Jim BarisoffLongest Line penalty
115Jim StravatoLongest Line penalty
130Michael RyanLongest Line penalty
130Don KelligrewLongest Line penalty