Race Results
IMRS 2021 Season A
IMRS 2021 Season A Atlanta 02/17/2021 8:00 pm Results
19 lead changes between 9 drivers    7 cautions for 36 laps      75%  1x / 2x
FinishDriverBehindStartLedBest LapLapsPit StopsPenaltiesCautionsStatusPoints
1Terry Kelligrew1:32:23101229.239 (106)107601Finished Normally44
2Dan Richter-0.17712229.195 (91)107400Finished Normally40
3Phillip Stocks-0.41919729.128 (106)107920Finished Normally39
4Warren Pead-0.54274628.893 (62)107500Finished Normally39
5Jim Barisoff-0.78017729.273 (106)107511Finished Normally37
6AJ Gutierrez-1.42214029.561 (91)107700Finished Normally35
7Dave Martin-1.4958029.461 (79)107611Finished Normally34
8Ismael Castro -1.8816029.482 (106)107400Finished Normally33
9Ted Moser-1.94216129.538 (79)107300Finished Normally33
10Todd Robillard-1.9984029.425 (91)107510Finished Normally31
11Lorin Stoppleworth-2.0823129.461 (106)107400Finished Normally31
12Claudio Bardelli Jr -2.1165029.324 (106)107501Finished Normally29
13John Stanley-2.26118029.425 (91)107810Finished Normally28
14Jesus Iglesias-2.41720029.404 (106)107620Finished Normally27
15Reese Canaday-2.65815229.485 (79)107800Finished Normally27
16William Dunbar-3.09612029.356 (46)107400Finished Normally25
17Sean Jacobs-2 laps9029.646 (105)105530Finished Normally24
18Romulo Silveira-25 laps2029.665 (79)82310DNF - Suspension23
19Taris Henrique -33 laps11829.805 (62)74401DNF - DNF24
20Gilmar Peixoto -100 laps13030.156 (2)7000DNF - DNF21
21Admin Caution-106 laps2100.000 (0)1002Finished Normally20
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Standings Series Standings
9Admin Cautionwarp
15Taris Henrique self spin on restart
48Jim Barisoffgets into the back of Sean (who is pitting)
55Admin Cautioncorrecting driver positions
72Terry Kelligrewmakes contact with Ted on front stretch
84Dave Martinself spin entering pits
99Claudio Bardelli Jr self spin on front stretch

12Phillip StocksLongest Line penalty
17Jim BarisoffLongest Line penalty
17Todd RobillardLongest Line penalty
19Phillip StocksLongest Line penalty
45Romulo SilveiraDrive Thru penalty
45Sean JacobsDrive Thru penalty
46Jesus IglesiasDrive Thru penalty
48John StanleyLongest Line penalty
52Sean JacobsLongest Line penalty
57Dave MartinLongest Line penalty
87Sean JacobsLongest Line penalty
101Jesus IglesiasLongest Line penalty