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HammerDown Pro-Cup Sundays Season III
HammerDown Pro-Cup Sundays Season III Bristol 03/21/2021 7:30 pm Results
11 lead changes between 8 drivers    4 cautions for 25 laps      55%  1x / 1x
FinishDriverBehindStartLedBest LapLapsPit StopsPenaltiesCautionsStatusPoints
1Tom McKeever0:56:0326215.024 (146)163300Finished Normally44
2Joel Brown -0.5123115.008 (147)163400Finished Normally40
3Terry Kelligrew-2.77855414.997 (52)163300Finished Normally39
4Sean Jacobs-4.3239015.061 (145)163300Finished Normally37
5Jim Stravato-6.01113015.100 (114)163400Finished Normally36
6Mike Hebb-7.5924115.059 (56)163310Finished Normally36
7Dave Martin-7.6978115.181 (54)163411Finished Normally35
8Jim Barisoff-10.28312015.066 (146)163300Finished Normally33
9Ted Moser-1 laps10015.139 (111)162300Finished Normally32
10Stewart Forgie-4 laps11115.075 (108)159400Finished Normally32
11Garry Cross-0.28713314.868 (147)163312Finished Normally31
12Gary Madew-45 laps61015.048 (110)118200DNF - DNF30
13Warren Pead-64 laps7014.942 (53)99100DNF - DNF28
14Admin Caution-162 laps1400.000 (0)1001Finished Normally27
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Standings Series Standings
35Garry Crossbounces off wall exiting turn 4, makes contact with Joel
42Dave Martinself spin entering turn 3
102Admin CautionWarren's computer locked up
136Garry Crossself spin exiting turn 4

105Dave MartinLongest Line penalty
105Mike HebbLongest Line penalty
136Garry Crosstwo caution rule 9 spot finishing order