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HammerDown Pro-Cup Sundays Season III
HammerDown Pro-Cup Sundays Season III Michigan 04/11/2021 7:30 pm Results
14 lead changes between 9 drivers    4 cautions for 20 laps      55%  1x / 1x
FinishDriverBehindStartLedBest LapLapsPit StopsPenaltiesCautionsStatusPoints
1Mike Hebb1:13:2213434.940 (52)83300Finished Normally44
2Garry Cross-0.73531334.908 (32)83300Finished Normally40
3Joel Brown -2.6412634.885 (53)83400Finished Normally39
4Warren Pead-2.8627734.880 (50)83500Finished Normally38
5Larry Garrett -2.87911134.835 (53)83410Finished Normally37
6Sean Jacobs-10.39612034.975 (53)83400Finished Normally35
7Tom McKeever-13.2596234.903 (32)83520Finished Normally35
8Jim Stravato-14.3655034.995 (53)83501Finished Normally33
9Jim Barisoff-14.39010135.071 (19)83300Finished Normally33
10Ted Moser-14.44413034.891 (32)83320Finished Normally31
11Stewart Forgie-1 laps8234.830 (20)82500Finished Normally31
12Gary Madew-7 laps91634.918 (71)76500Finished Normally30
13Dave Martin-63 laps4035.074 (3)20212DNF - DNF28
14Admin Caution-82 laps1400.000 (0)1001Finished Normally27
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Standings Series Standings
4Jim Stravatomakes contact with Tom exiting turn 2
11Dave Martinmakes contact with Warren on front stretch
21Dave Martinmakes contact with Sean exiting turn 2
41Admin CautionTed & Stewart get together on the back stretch

5Tom McKeeverLongest Line penalty
6Larry Garrett Longest Line penalty
6Ted MoserLongest Line penalty
12Tom McKeeverLongest Line penalty
12Dave MartinLongest Line penalty
42Ted MoserLongest Line penalty