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HORL Fridays
HORL Fridays Charlotte 05/26/2017 7:00 pm Results
6 lead changes between 6 drivers    5 cautions for 20 laps      50%  1x / 2x
FinishDriverBehindStartLedBest LapLapsPit StopsPenaltiesCautionsStatusPoints
1Garry Cross0:53:4871527.760 (58)70300Finished Normally44
2Ed Palumbo-0.5043227.797 (59)70410Finished Normally40
3Terry Kelligrew-0.82114927.588 (58)70300Finished Normally39
4Jim Barisoff-1.7078027.873 (59)70200Finished Normally37
5Tom McKeever-1.87515027.951 (60)70400Finished Normally36
6John Stanley-2.18616027.947 (60)70400Finished Normally35
7Tiago Carvalho-5.57423227.952 (3)70311Finished Normally36
8Jair Oliveira-6.43510027.908 (30)70420Finished Normally33
9Dan Richter-6.6776027.957 (2)70700Finished Normally32
10Ivan Deschamps-10.95611128.121 (2)70610Finished Normally32
11Artur Vieira-1 laps41027.992 (2)69200Finished Normally0
12Keith Chestnut-1 laps13028.091 (29)69501Finished Normally29
13Neto Vidal-1 laps17027.795 (29)69311Finished Normally28
14Tim Lansberry-2 laps5028.013 (2)68410Finished Normally27
15Joe Miller-2 laps1128.042 (33)68501Finished Normally27
16Joseph Exline-2 laps12028.027 (3)68331Finished Normally25
17Todd Robillard-3 laps9028.103 (2)67300Finished Normally24
18Terry Milford-15 laps18027.939 (7)55400DNF - DNF23
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Standings Series Standings
23Joseph ExlineDriver error - Gets loose entering turn 3 comes down onto another car - 3 car incident
35Joe MillerDriver Error - Gets into back of car exiting turn 4, then crosses path of car entering turn 1 - 3 car incident 2
40Tiago CarvalhoDriver Error - Goes 3 - wide on restart moves up track into car - 3 Car incident
46Keith ChestnutDriver Error - Bounces off wall into another car - 2 car incident
52Neto VidalDriver Error - Bounces off wall into another car exiting turn 4 - 2 car incident

24Jair OliveiraLongest Line penalty
25Joseph ExlineLongest Line penalty
36Joseph ExlineLongest Line penalty
36Jair OliveiraLongest Line penalty
37Ed PalumboLongest Line penalty
41Tim LansberryLongest Line penalty
41Tiago CarvalhoLongest Line penalty
42Ivan DeschampsLongest Line penalty
47Joseph ExlineLongest Line penalty
60Neto VidalStop/Go penalty