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HORL Saturday Night Thunder
HORL Saturday Night Thunder  Phoenix 03/18/2017 10:00 pm Results
13 lead changes between 8 drivers    1 caution for 4 laps      75%  1x / 1x
FinishDriverBehindStartLedBest LapLapsPit StopsPenaltiesCautionsStatusPoints
1Paul Brown1:00:0794226.196 (86)125300Finished Normally45
2Jason Lance-0.38213126.263 (104)125300Finished Normally40
3Don Kelligrew-3.7665226.112 (43)125300Finished Normally39
4Ed Palumbo-5.16914226.115 (2)125300Finished Normally39
5Tom McKeever-6.4332025.981 (2)125300Finished Normally36
6Joe Miller-6.5686126.315 (43)125210Finished Normally36
7Terry Kelligrew-9.2533026.135 (4)125300Finished Normally34
8Jim Barisoff-10.3427826.445 (9)125200Finished Normally34
9Jack Martel-12.08111026.525 (4)125200Finished Normally32
10Eddy Smith-1 laps18126.440 (50)124300Finished Normally32
11Alex Coutie-2 laps142826.417 (4)123200Finished Normally31
12Carlos Rocha-2 laps12026.463 (3)123300Finished Normally29
13Dan Chew-2 laps16026.505 (6)123310Finished Normally28
14Sean Jacobs-2 laps10026.494 (2)123300Finished Normally27
15John Stanley-3 laps4026.350 (4)122210None26
16Clayton Wiggin-6 laps17026.381 (4)119310None25
17Ivan Deschamps-7 laps15026.401 (21)118200Finished Normally24
18Heath Johnson-27 laps8026.084 (45)98410DNF - Suspension0
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Standings Series Standings
98Heath JohnsonDriver Error - Slides up in front of another car in turn 1 - 2 car incident

42John StanleyDrive Thru penalty
67Clayton WigginDrive Thru penalty
85Dan ChewDrive Thru penalty
88Drive Thru penalty
99Joe MillerDrive Thru penalty