Race Results
HORL Saturday Night Thunder
HORL Saturday Night Thunder  California 04/01/2017 8:30 pm Results
16 lead changes between 9 drivers    7 cautions for 28 laps      75%  1x / 1x
FinishDriverBehindStartLedBest LapLapsPit StopsPenaltiesCautionsStatusPoints
1Paul Brown2:00:0021637.385 (115)132600Finished Normally44
2Fernando Correa-0.88819337.402 (44)132710Finished Normally40
3Jason Lance-1.31534337.311 (3)132610Finished Normally39
4Tom McKeever-1.3917037.517 (55)132700Finished Normally37
5Dan Mueller-1.63810037.581 (3)132721Finished Normally36
6Joseph Exline-2.08515537.606 (46)132600Finished Normally36
7Terry Kelligrew-3.19065637.386 (115)132700Finished Normally36
8Don Kelligrew-3.29113037.613 (47)132600Finished Normally33
9Jon Paques-3.68418137.321 (55)132620Finished Normally33
10Sean Jacobs-4.5478037.511 (4)132810Finished Normally31
11Carlos Rocha-5.19322037.755 (70)132511Finished Normally30
12Joe Miller-1 laps4337.655 (7)131721Finished Normally30
13Eddy Smith-1 laps12137.492 (3)131502Finished Normally29
14Jim Barisoff-1 laps5037.854 (45)131410Finished Normally27
15Alex Coutie-1 laps14437.447 (45)131621Finished Normally27
16John Stanley-1 laps16037.742 (70)131800Finished Normally25
17Ivan Deschamps-2 laps20038.108 (130)130721Finished Normally24
18Ed Palumbo-2 laps1037.671 (3)130812Finished Normally23
19Jack Martel-3 laps11038.114 (4)129500Finished Normally22
20Clayton Wiggin-4 laps21037.901 (46)128810DNF - Accident21
21Heath Johnson-6 laps9037.826 (5)126810Finished Normally0
22Dan Chew-29 laps17037.822 (3)103830DNF - DNF19
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Standings Series Standings
39Joe MillerDriver Error - Self Spin Turn 4- single car incident
49Ed PalumboDriver Error - spins in turn 3 making contact with another car - 3 car incident
56Ivan DeschampsDriver Error - Gets into back of another car turn 3 - 3 car incident
62Ed PalumboDriver Error - Comes across nose of car on exit turn 2 - 2 car incident
109Dan MuellerDriver error - Self spin Turn 3 - single car incident
121Carlos RochaDriver Error - Gets into rear of another car turn 2 - 2 car incident
126Eddy SmithDriver error - 3rd car into 3 -wide resulting in caution- 4 car incident
127Eddy SmithDriver Error - illegal pass on restart -1 lap deduction -over -agreesive driving on restart - infraction (infraction)
56Alex CoutieDriver Error - Comes down on car entering turn 3 - 2 car incident (infraction)

40Jason LanceLongest Line penalty
40Joe MillerLongest Line penalty
51Stop/Go penalty
51Fernando CorreaStop/Go penalty
51Ed PalumboLongest Line penalty
52Dan ChewLongest Line penalty
57Joe MillerLongest Line penalty
57Ivan DeschampsLongest Line penalty
58Jim BarisoffLongest Line penalty
58Alex CoutieLongest Line penalty
103Dan ChewDrive Thru penalty
105Dan ChewDrive Thru penalty
109Dan MuellerLongest Line penalty
110Ivan DeschampsLongest Line penalty
121Carlos RochaLongest Line penalty
122Sean JacobsLongest Line penalty
123Dan MuellerLongest Line penalty
128Clayton WigginLongest Line penalty
128Alex CoutieLongest Line penalty
129Jon PaquesLongest Line penalty
129Jon PaquesStop/Go penalty