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HORL Saturday Night Thunder
HORL Saturday Night Thunder  Bristol 04/22/2017 8:30 pm Results
17 lead changes between 8 drivers    7 cautions for 42 laps      75%  1x / 1x
FinishDriverBehindStartLedBest LapLapsPit StopsPenaltiesCautionsStatusPoints
1Paul Brown1:27:0549815.186 (127)250700Finished Normally45
2Romulo Silveira-0.87111115.238 (229)250700Finished Normally40
3Jason Lance-1.64173915.190 (229)250700Finished Normally39
4Matt Sentell-1.68017415.221 (229)250720Finished Normally38
5Jim Barisoff-3.49818015.382 (204)250721Finished Normally36
6Terry Kelligrew-1 laps64315.257 (204)249731Finished Normally36
7John Stanley-1 laps8115.297 (229)249730Finished Normally35
8Sean Jacobs-1 laps19015.585 (145)249700Finished Normally33
9Alex Coutie-2 laps9015.405 (230)248401Finished Normally32
10Jon Paques-2 laps2015.483 (202)248700Finished Normally31
11Ed Palumbo-3 laps3015.463 (144)247820Finished Normally30
12Dan Chew-4 laps20015.528 (227)246811Finished Normally29
13Clayton Wiggin-6 laps16015.473 (226)244800Finished Normally28
14Ivan Deschamps-8 laps11515.514 (108)242820Finished Normally28
15Tom McKeever-14 laps124915.252 (127)236700Finished Normally27
16Sandro Lima-56 laps5015.250 (184)194400DNF - DNF25
17Don Kelligrew-101 laps15015.498 (139)149520DNF - Accident24
18Joseph Exline-114 laps14015.465 (40)136500DNF - DNF23
19Heath Johnson-119 laps13015.677 (108)131400DNF - DNF0
20Fernando Correa-132 laps21015.651 (75)118301DNF - Suspension21
21Taris Henrique -162 laps10015.590 (13)88300DNF - DNF20
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Standings Series Standings
31Alex CoutieDriver Error - gets loose off turn 2, bounces off another car and spins - 2 car incident
64Jim BarisoffDriver Error - Crossed track in front of another car exit turn 2- 2 car incident
98Heath JohnsonDriver Error - self spin exiting turn 2 - single car incident
119Fernando CorreaDriver error - gets into back of another car exiting turn 2 - 2 car incident
135Heath JohnsonDriver error - glances off wall hitting another car, turn 2 - 2 car incident
193Terry KelligrewCrosses track in front of another car entering turn 1, 5 car incident
221Dan ChewDriver Error- glances off ewall on frontstretch hits another car and spins- 2 car incident

68Don KelligrewLongest Line penalty
100John StanleyLongest Line penalty
103Don KelligrewStop/Go penalty
103John StanleyStop/Go penalty
120Terry KelligrewStop/Go penalty
120John StanleyLongest Line penalty
137Jim BarisoffLongest Line penalty
139Ivan DeschampsLongest Line penalty
140Jim BarisoffStop/Go penalty
180Ivan DeschampsDrive Thru penalty
193Ed PalumboLongest Line penalty
193Matt SentellLongest Line penalty
195Terry KelligrewLongest Line penalty
195Ed PalumboLongest Line penalty
198Matt SentellStop/Go penalty
198Terry KelligrewStop/Go penalty
198Dan ChewLongest Line penalty